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“surpassingly beautiful contributions” – The Boston Globe


“freedom, theatricality and interaction that sounded perfectly right” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“a stunning virtuosic display” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“dynamic performances” – The Boston Globe


“…clarity and intent that can only be achieved by [a performer] unflinchingly comfortable with contemporary music.” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


 “Almost everyone got some solos, but the flute received the most memorable of the lot, and they were played with great tonal beauty.” – The Arts Fuse


“Boldin, in response, delivered her angular runs with palpable energy and velvety tone.” – Boston Classical Review


“Deborah Boldin, especially, gave a truly bravura performance, deftly navigating the challenges inherent in performing a violin part on flute, and doing so with style and grace.” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Before the musicians aired the Sonata, Boldin offered Debussy’s Syrinx as an introduction. Her multi-colored tone contrasted velvety sounds with more hollow ones, giving the meandering line added weight.”
– Boston Classical Review


“incredible musicality and technical mastery”
– The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Phipps has a strong sense of color, and the players exploited the writing to the fullest: Boldin in particular coaxed a world of color from her flute and piccolo.”
– The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Deborah Boldin’s flute worked its own splendid enchantment.” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer




“Planning a good chamber music program is an art unto itself, and few in town have mastered it so persuasively”
– The Boston Globe


“discerning ears and cosmopolitan tastes” – The Boston Globe


“The brilliantly conceived program showed intellectual heft and musical inventiveness - what we've come to expect from Chameleon.” – The Boston Classical Review


 “One left, simply, with one’s hearing enlarged. Not a small gift for a Sunday afternoon.” – The Boston Globe


“During intermission, concertgoers could be heard marveling at the program's breadth... Chameleon makes daring seem easy.” – The Boston Globe


“Boldin is continually looking for big but little-known works - new, recent, and old - and putting them together in intriguing, organic combinations. The cross-references are not just intellectual; you can feel them in your body.”
– The Boston Globe


“Creative, thought-provoking, and highly entertaining programming.” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Artistic Director Deborah Boldin has consistently devised clever programs combining pieces new and old that speak to each other in thought-provoking ways.” – The Arts Fuse


“Boldin’s exploration of the far corners of the chamber repertoire invariably fascinate.” – The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Keeping the element of adventure alive...not just as sophisticated craft, but as a labor of love.”
– The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“This program contained more rarities than many chamber music groups perform in a season.” – The Arts Fuse

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